99% — Those Are Great Odds

What a day in New York, and it’s not over yet! Had to share this photo of a sign I saw at Foley Square tonight:

As I write, thousands are taking the Brooklyn Bridge. There are easily over 20,000 people out tonight — possibly significantly more. Just now at Foley Square I saw what seemed to me to be the most diverse-looking American social movement of my lifetime. We are not only speaking for — more and more we are also resembling — the 99%.

We believe that our political system should serve all of us — not just the very rich and powerful. Right now Wall Street owns Washington. We are the 99% and we are here to reclaim our democracy.


9 thoughts on “99% — Those Are Great Odds

  1. Fair play keep going . Onward and upward for the 99% . Dame Street Ireland supports you ??

  2. We are the many, the support around the world has been awe inspiring. In no time throughout the history of Mankind, has there been a movement, where the ordinary people joined together across the entire planet. It is the most beautiful event I have ever witnessed, and I truly love all that has shown support. We can do this.

  3. Robert Dixon says:

    The U,S, is not a democracy but a republic. When I was going to school it was explained this way. In a democracy if the majorty voted to kill all blue eyed children it would happen.By being a republic the rights of the blue eyed children are protected. Eather way it is not working and only the rights of the 1 percent are protected.

    • gabriela sonam says:

      Blue eye children have never, never been the ones at risk of being killed by the majority! Brown eyed children have always, and still are, murdered routinely in this country. A good point you’ve made–but let’s not pretend that the blue eyed children have ever been in danger in racist America!

      • Robert Dixon says:

        Just an example that was used in school to tell how the republic is suppost to protect human rights. It is not working.

  4. Rachel says:

    well, that does happen in some parts of the country — people are currently voting on whether or not women should have to die of pregnancy complications rather than get an abortion. being democratic, being fair to others, and having your interests lie with the biggest dollar might all be mutually exclusive.

  5. I think it’s pretty obvious, if you study this, that OWS is following the same “nonviolent” tactics and strategy of Otpor/CANVAS and Gene Sharp, which is the same destabilization campaign strategy and tactics the USG and its NGOs (USIP/ICNC) have used to bring Egypt under a military dictatorship. It’s a known fact that CANVAS was behind the Egyptian “Revolution” and that Otpor was behind the “Color “Revolutions”. Just Google: “ows otpor” and “the revolution business”, because all this is open source information. The goal of the October 15 “global revolution” as well as OWS is to create many “Tahrir Squares”. The ties to the USG/CIA to Otpor/CANVAS as well as the USIP/ICNC makes it obvious that OWS is just another fake “democracy revolution” meant to increase the USG’s military-security power here in the US as well as in Europe. This is no surprise, considering the anger and dissatisfaction within the populations, and the government is managing and controlling the populations to steer them in the direction the government, and not the people, wish for them to go. Sadly, people are being taken-in by this massive USG/NGO propaganda psychological operation.

  6. @angeraree says:

    Hey that’s me and my Lebanese friend. But let us not fool you, I would be wary about calling OWS, the most “diverse-looking social movement,” at least ethnically. I find myself being one of the very few Asians.

    An old, Chinese protester came up to me Thursday night after the Brooklyn Bridge. he was alone, but was enthusiastically supportive of the movement. In broken English, he warmly greeted me and said how nice it was to see me here. “…but where are the rest of us, the Asians at? I don’t ever see many of us down here. Where is the Asian community?” Solid question.

    The black, white, and Latino communities seem to be quite well-represented, but I’d like to see much more diversity. Where is the Asian community? The American Indian?

  7. Robert Dixon says:

    I am sure the government is using the media and probly have people in places to try and make the OWS look like it is failing. Who can you trust? No one.

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